Summer in the city

With Rotterdam boosting over 170 nationalities, you can hear sounds and scraps of conversation from all over the world right at de Doelen’s doorstep. This summer, we’re bringing the city inside. We will be hosting the 50th edition of Poetry International, the Youfone Boxing Gala, the Make a Scene festival by the HipHopHuis, Rotterdam Unlimited, North Sea Around Town and, for the nostalgic, Woodstock Legends.


What’s more, the Rotterdam Cape Verdean community will celebrate its 44th year of independence with Noite de Independencia, and the Rotterdam Russian School of the Arts will present a concert about giants, gnomes, and heroes from northern legends.


It sure is going to be a hot and exciting summer, full of poetry, sports, dance, hiphop culture, rock, house, jazz and classical music. All of this in our own People’s Palace.


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Highlights of the summer

50th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam
13 - 16 June 
What happened to the future?


This year, the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam turns 50! Under the title What Happened to the Future?, the festival unites its rich history with the world’s poems and poets of today and tomorrow. Poetry International celebrates its golden anniversary with an extra festive edition at de Doelen, which also hosted the debut festival back in 1970.


Trailblazing poets will deliver transformative work thrumming with the now. Unique fusions of poetry by engaging artists from the worlds of music, cinema, and dance amplify the power, the beauty, and the personal impact of poetry, here in the form of an intimate reading or workshop, there as a multidisciplinary theatrical poetry spectacle. Right in the heart of the city, inviting, challenging, unmissable.


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Poets from the first edition Poetry International - 1970


Make A Scene
29 June | 13:00 | Grote Zaal
Are you ready to MAKE-A-SCENE? Taste, Feel, Hear, Live, Scream street culture to the fullest!


Make A Scene is a festival developed by the HipHopHuis, where various street culture communities will gather in order to share their art, values, and culture. Street culture includes music, dance, knowledge, street art, theatre, spoken word, etc.


The HipHopHuis is presenting various scenes in co-operation with de Doelen and several partners in street culture. We will be creating those very scenes in interaction with visitors. Move along with the movement. See you there!




North Sea Round Town x de Doelen
30 June, 7 & 14 July | 15:00 | Schouwburgplein

As a part of North Sea Round Town, de Doelen will be programming three Sundays filled with Afrobeat, Cape Verdean jazz, and Arab fusion at the Schouwburgplein!


Sun 30 Jun | 15.00 CaboCubaJazz
A unique blend of dreamy Cape Verdean songs, spirited Cuban dance music, and adventurous jazz: it’s Cabocubajazz! As the Volkskrant wrote about the exciting ensemble: “a fiercely grooving synthesis of rousing call-and-response singing and delightful backing vocals, reinforced by strong arrangements and improvisations.”


Sun 7 Jul | 15.00 Kolonel Djafaar
Building on a strong foundation of percussion, guitar, and bass, Kolonel Djafaar lays down a danceable groove. Throw in some keys, and things can
get pretty psychedelic, too. Immerse yourself in the story told by the brass players’ melodies: expect subtle contributions, as well as raging solos.
All of this together makes for a unique interpretation of the Afrobeat and Ethio-jazz genres.


Sun 14 Jul | 15.00 Dyar
‘Dyar’ is Arabic for ‘house’: in this case, an imaginary house where everyone feels welcome, and where Arabic and western music get to live together. Dyar will consist of both original compositions and a programme
mixing Arabic music with musical styles from across the globe. After all, music connects us all!




Drop by at de Doelen Studio, while you’re at it!
In addition to a reading table, some very comfy seats, a ping-pong area and a wonderful collection of board games, the Studio features an everchanging, free programme including (acoustic) music, dancing, interviews, singing, karaoke, workshops and more. In short, the Doelen Studio is open to anyone in Rotterdam or coming from outside.



de Doelen Kitchen
Fans of top chef Maher al Sabbagh’s cooking can get their culinary fix almost every Friday evening at de Doelen Studio. The crowd favourite is back to regularly prepare a delicious buffet with dishes from Damascus, Aleppo, Beirut and, occasionally, Sicily. His most famous dessert is a Dutch one, however: hangop (strained yoghurt)!


The buffet opens around 17:30. €15 per person (drinks not included) Booking ahead is possible at de Doelen Studio bar, Schouwburgplein 50, Rotterdam




Brochure 2019/2020

Visit de Doelen next season! You can now order tickets to all classical music concerts. Take a look at the 2019/2020 brochure.




Where can you order?

Via telephone: +31 (0)10 217 17 17
At the box office: Schouwburgplein 50, Rotterdam
The box office is available via phone Monday through Saturday between 14.00 and 18.00.
Additionally, the box office and shop are open between 10.00 and 18.00 and 75 minutes before any concert.



About de Doelen

De Doelen is a world-renowned concert hall in Rotterdam where around 600 concerts are held annually. Its programming is extremely varied, ranging from true crowd-pullers to concerts catering to connoisseurs, and from children’s concerts to performances of world music, making de Doelen a music centre for all audiences. It’s no surprise, then, that it is Rotterdam’s most visited centre for performing arts.


De Doelen also serves as a key venue in various international high-profile events, such as Classical:NEXT, Operadagen Rotterdam, International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Gergiev Festival.


The monumental building is located at the heart of the city, just 200 metres from the Central Station. The history of de Doelen dates back to the seventeenth century, when an orchestra of local musicians gave public concerts in what was then called ‘De Doele’. A new auditorium was opened in 1934, but was destroyed in the German bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940. The current Doelen building was not opened until 26 years later, in 1966. In 2000, new conference facilities were built on top of the roof and the old inner courtyard. The building is a listed monument and is considered a major symbol of Dutch reconstruction, giving it enormous cultural and historical value.